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Don't miss a much loved part of Maple Valley Days: The Parade!

Saturday, June 13th the parade officially starts at 10 am, beginning at Lake Wilderness Elementary School and ending at Lake Wilderness Park.
Parade Map

Parade Applications
Open Febraury 1st to May 31st

For 2020 we want to see FLOATS !!!

Yes, you heard that right !! The bigger, the better, the more creative! Are you up for the challenge?  Bring your A-GAME !!!
We will be having CASH prizes for FLOAT winners: 
1st Place Float ($1,000)
 2nd Place Float ($750)
 3rd Place Float ($500)


Check-in is from 8am-9am. Be sure to arrive by 9am as Witte Rd will be closing to traffic for the parade.


COMMUNICATION EXPERTS: Maple Valley Amateur Radio Club 

CHECK-IN: 8am-9am - only one person from each entry needs to check-in. Please carpool as there is limited parking and to reduce traffic congestion. Parade participant drop-off area is provided; parking is encouraged at either school parking lot & take the shuttle. Please note: the shuttle service starts at 9am on Saturday so if you need to park & be checked in earlier, park at Lake Wilderness Elementary. The shuttle service will continue to run until the end of the festival so parade participants can stay and enjoy the festivities.

DIVISIONS:  There are five dvisions - Float, Business, Drill Team, Equestrian Unit, Marching Band/Music, and Service/Neighborhood.

ROUTE: The parade will start on Witte Road and 240th Street and will proceed south on Witte Road to the Greater Maple Valley Community Center. Here you’ll take a left onto SE 248th Street and continue to the Lake Wilderness Park.

AWARDS: Awards will be mailed, or hand delivered to recipients within one week after the festival. 

Application Deadline: May 31st, 2020


1. All participants must comply with the Polices & Procedures of Maple Valley Days. The Parade Committee reserve the right to deny applications for failure to comply. 

2. Entries will be accepted unless you receive notification from the Parade Committee

3. Distribution of gifts, merchandise, literature or other material may be personally handed out as your unit proceeds down the parade route; however, absolutely NO material may be THROWN along the parade route. This includes, but is not limited to candy, beach balls, confetti, leaflets, etc. Any materials you'd like to hand out must be passed out by a person with is walking with your entry.

4. Squirt guns, Silly String, or other items potentially dangerous to spectators or participants are strictly forbidden.

5. Washington State law requires that a "HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNITY" agreement be signed by a representative of your group (on entry form). Parade entries without the proper signed agreement will not be allowed to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

6. All vehicles, animals, bicycles, motorcycles, etc. - any entry other than walking must remain at least 8 feet away from parade spectators.

7. All animals must be on a leash or otherwise secured. All horses must be under contol of the rider at all times. Animal entries must furnish waste collectors and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Please contact the Parade Director, Amanda & Danielle, at [email protected]